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Seminar: Hurricane Glazing

The New York area has seen an increased number of hurricanes, super storms and weather events that have led to updated codes and new glazing applications. This session will explain what these new hurricane glazing codes mean and how they will affect your work.

Seminar: Understanding the Liability Issues in Shop Drawings

Even the most detailed shop drawings can come back to hurt glazing contractors, if they don’t understand the liability they carry. This seminar explains the steps involved in developing drawings and the areas of exposure and liability contract glaziers must protect against. It also details items to watch for whether creating such drawings in-house or …

Seminar: 5 Secrets for Healthier Cash Flow

Enhance your cash flow management by discovering five proven strategies to expedite payments and optimize project finances. Modupe, drawing from her experience and insights, will unveil valuable tips for faster payments and improved cash flow, empowering subcontractors to thrive.

Seminar: Protecting People & Property: Fortifying Building Safety with Ballistic, Blast, Storm Impact and Forced Entry Solutions (1 LU/HSW)

As the number and volatility of threats to facility security and safety continue to escalate, protection is becoming paramount in the scope of today’s facility design. Whether it’s high-level protection from ballistics, blast, storm impact or forced entry, this course reviews the various protection levels, testing standards, best practices and the fundamental fenestration solutions which …

Seminar: Glass & Glazing Industry Outlook for the Northeast

This session provides recent industry-specific research and up-to-date information on the region’s economic standing. Nick will provide a forecast of what the Northeast regional commercial and residential glass and metal industries can expect and what to anticipate as a result of market shifts. Understand what these shifts can mean for current and future business moves.

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